Ever try cupping?

Cupping is all the rage at the moment, and with good reason…it’s amazing! But did you know that cupping has been used for over 3000 years in Traditional Chinese Medicine?  It’s true!   So, even though the famous stars and athletes are starting to use it, it’s a tried and true therapy that stands the test of time.  

Cupping can be a wonderful therapy for the body and can help with pain, sluggish lymph, cellulite, improving circulation and reducing inflammation, just to name a few benefits.   However, my favorite way to use it is for the face.  Facial cupping is part of our Signature Rejuvenating Facial Treatment since it also helps with fine lines, wrinkles, facial puffiness and helps to tone and improve the complexion.  Facial cupping leaves NO marks!

Cupping is a very gentle treatment that feels wonderful on the face and results can be seen right away!

Most therapies that are preformed are done by pushing into the body.  Whether that is massage, adjustments, trigger therapy, etc. -  its all pushing.  But cupping is different.  Small cups are placed on the skin and a gentle suction is created inside the cups.   This suction help facilitates blood flow by pulling fluids inside the body up through the tissues towards the cups, literally bringing fresh blood, which is carrying oxygen and nutrients, into the muscles and tissues of the skin. This helps to rejuvenate and improve function to the area treated.  

This pain free therapy is one of my favorites and offers wonderful results!

Facial cupping…delightful!

Facial cupping…delightful!

Ask me more about it when you are in the office.

Holistic Facial Treatments...what's that?

Aging is inevitable…but we all want to look and feel as good as we can for as long as we can.  Throughout society cosmetic procedures are on the rise, however, many of the most common procedures are quite invasive and can be toxic to the system.  Because of this, many people are opting to go with a more natural approach to reduce the chemical load on their bodies while still achieving some great results.

There are numerous natural facial treatments that are wonderful at turning back the clock.  They will never replace cosmetic surgery, but they can certainly get your skin looking and feeling a good 5 to 15 years younger and healthier! 

Creams, lotions, and potions can be wonderful, and necessary, but if the underlying skin isn’t healthy, the topical applications will only take you so far.  What if you could naturally improve the health of the skin and the body while building collagen, reducing fine lines and wrinkles, increasing tonicity of the facial muscles, improving circulation and blood flow for a glowing complexion, moving the lymphatic system to reduce puffiness, and reducing inflammation of the skin for an even skin tone?    Well, you can!

I have worked with body and cosmetic acupuncture, microcurrent, LED light therapy, facial cupping, facial gua sha, derma rolling, acupressure point stimulation and facial exercises for years and these natural therapies can make a huge difference!  Unfortunately, most of these therapies are not well understood by many people.  I would like to change that!

I want everyone to know about these effective and gentle options that are available and what these wonderful natural therapies can achieve for the face and body. So, I will be starting a blog series about these therapies to help give you a better understanding of these natural options that can help you look and feel your best!  

I am looking forward to sharing more info with you so stay tuned!!

Signature Rejuvenating Facial Treatment.

Signature Rejuvenating Facial Treatment.