What is Moxa?



Moxibustion is the process where a moxa stick is burned to deliver heat to a specific acupuncture point or meridian.  The differentiation for identifying correct locations for Moxa is the same used for acupuncture.   

Moxa sticks are tightly rolled sticks containing the dried herb of artemisia vulgaris.  Once ignited, the moxa stick is held about an inch above the skin of the selected acupuncture point or placed on a small platform, to protect the skin, directly on the point.  The moxa is not burned directly on the skin so it does not cause any discomfort to the client. 

The purpose of the therapy is to warm the area directly under the selected point, thus the corresponding meridian is positively affected.  This therapy is most often used when trying to dispel cold or damp conditions or when the Qi or Blood needs to be tonified. The therapy can last from 10-15 minutes depending on what is needed for the client.

All ages can enjoy having a Moxa treatment as it is a very pleasant therapy with a nice warming heat sensation directed at specific areas of the body.  It is usually used in combination with an acupuncture treatment.   Sometimes moxa is sent home with the client for self treatment between visits.