What is Gua Sha?

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Gua sha has been used in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) for centuries and is still used and revered throughout Asia and the world today. Gua sha is used for treating pain and sore muscles in the body but can also be used for its many anti-aging benefits as well.  Gua sha helps to stimulate blood circulation to the skin, muscles and surrounding tissues while having a detoxifying effect on these areas. 

Gua sha tools are smooth flat tools, often made of stone, that are used to scrape areas of the skin to engage the deeper layers and to stimulate circulation.

Gua sha used on the body can help break up stagnation, increase circulation and get nutrients to stiff, sore muscles, which can decrease pain and improve range of movement.

Gua sha, when used as a facial treatment, can help to counter signs of aging caused by the stress of modern living and improve the appearance of the skin on the face.  When we are stressed blood moves away from the skin to support the heart and muscles.  Gua sha can help move the lymph in the face and bring blood back to the area, along with needed nutrients to support circulation, nutrition, and detoxification.  If our skin is not nourished properly by our blood, it will show on the face.  In TCM, our external radiance reflects the internal state of our health.  When under-eye bags, fine lines and dull, sagging skin are seen they are all deemed reflections of our internal organ health.   Activating acupressure points that are found on the face that correlate with different organ meridians can also support our internal organ health, thus helping to reduce the causative agents contributing to the external issues.