What is Cupping?



The art of cupping has been used for over 3000 years in Traditional Chinese Medicine. There are many types of cupping used: dry cupping, wet cupping, fire cupping and moving cupping.   At Striving for Health, we only use the dry cupping and moving cupping method.  Cupping is a great option to reduce pain and muscle stiffness and increase mobility in certain areas of the body.  Cupping can also be preformed on the face and is included in some of our facial rejuvenation treatments as well to move the lymph, invigorate the skin and bring nourishment to the facial area to help with cosmetic issues. 

Cupping works by using different types of cups to create a suction on specific areas of the body.  The suction pulls the skin and blood vessels into the cup, which brings more blood to the specific area.  This can help to improve circulation, nourish tissues, reduce inflammation or muscle spasms and loosen up tight muscles or joints.  

Sometimes cupping can have a down side as it may leave darker, round, cup size marks or longer marks (from moving cupping) on the skin that can stay visible for several days.  Facial cupping doesn't leave any marks at all and is very gentle. 

Cupping is a modality that is easily added to any acupuncture session as well as an option when doing herbal or dietary therapy if needed.  It is included in many of the facial treatment or can be done by itself as a stand alone treatment with wonderful results.