Frequently Asked Questions for Microcurrent


What is a Microcurrent rejuvenating Treatment?

Microcurrent therapy is a non-invasive therapy that offers a natural alternative to more invasive treatments, such as botox and fillers.  It is an anti-aging treatment used to visibly reduce or diminish fine lines or wrinkles on the face and neck, smooth the skin, lift and tighten the muscles of the face and neck and rejuvenate the skin.

This advanced facial treatment stimulates muscle activity with very small electrical impulses which are subsensory in nature and mimic the electrical impulses already present in the cells of the body.  This microcurrent stimulation acts as the stimulus which triggers responses from the cells which in turn tightens the skin and reduces the wrinkles.  To tone and sculpt, specific muscles in the face and neck are targeted for stimulation resulting in skin that is hydrated, lifted, firmer, softer and rejuvenated in appearance.


How many treatments will I need?

We recommend that you have a total of 10 to 12 treatments as an initial series.  For optimum results, the treatments should be done at least once a week.  

After the initial series is completed, we recommend following up with a maintenance program of one treatment every four weeks. The maintenance program will vary depending on your age and the quality of your skin.


Is microcurrent painful?

No, microcurrent therapy is so relaxing that many people fall asleep. The electric current delivery is at sub sensory levels so there is absolutely no pain.


Is this treatment safe?

Yes, this treatment is completely safe.  There are no harmful side effects.  Microcurrent has been used on the human body for over 50 years without any reported harmful side effects.  Unlike some other treatments, there is no discomfort during or after the treatment, no redness or swelling and no downtime required.  This treatment is very relaxing and you can resume your normal day immediately afterwards.


Do you have testimonials?

Yes, please visit our testimonial page (in the About Us section) for patient results with the microcurrent facial rejuvenation treatments.


Are the final results similar to a face lift?

No, the microcurrent rejuvenating facials will not get the same results as a face lift.  Results are subtle in comparison to cosmetic surgery but it is very common to turn back the clock 5 to 10 years in terms of your appearance. This is a rejuvenation treatment and cosmetic surgery results should not be expected.  Microcurrent facial rejuvenation treatments are a great non-surgical alternative to a healthier and younger looking appearance. 


How soon will I see results?

Improvements can be quite dramatic and most clients will see immediate improvement after a single session, however, results can vary with each individual.   Some people will respond quicker than others, respond better in different areas or the face or respond at a different pace, based on age, skin types, etc.  Generally, with a completed series, 5 to 10 years can be diminished from the appearance of the face or other treatment areas.  And, because the changes are gradual rather than drastic, the results are much more natural looking than with other cosmetic procedures.  Even though microcurrent has been shown to produce an immediate and temporary lifting effect, continued monthly application will provide more cumulative long- term, lasting results.


How is microcurrent used for cosmetic treatment and why is it so effective?

As we age, our body loses much of its natural electrical energy, much like a battery gradually losing its charge. On a cellular level, this leads to a breakdown of collagen and elastin in our skin which leads to unevenness of texture and fine lines, wrinkles and folds become the inevitable result. Beneath the skin, the facial muscles become increasingly contracted over years of facial expression and gravity, allowing the overall lift of our face to decline. 

Microcurrent therapy uses gentle electrical currents that mimic the body’s own electrical impulses, which helps to stimulate and increase the production of Adenosine Triphosphate (ATP), a molecule in the cell that stores and distributes energy for the activities in the cell.  A study on Microcurrent Therapy conducted by Dr. Ngok Cheng, MD concluded that skin regeneration and ATP production increased by up to 500%.   ATP helps with the activities of nerve transmission, muscle contraction, protein synthesis and enhancement of cell membrane permeability, increased cellular repair and it speeds up cellular metabolism which helps to increase the rate of toxin elimination.  Virtually every activity of the body requires ATP.  Microcurrent also enhances blood flow, bringing more oxygen and nutrients to the tissue creating an ideal environment for healing as well as restoring homeostasis to the tissues and muscles.  The end result of these processes can be seen as improved skin tone and coloration, the reduction of fine lines, and the firming of sagging areas.


Do you offer a consultation?

Yes! We offer a free consultation where we can go over the treatment options with you and determine the best treatment plan for your specific needs, that will achieve the best results. Pictures may be taken at the end of the consultation or at the first appointment.   


What happens during the initial treatment?

1)    We will take a health history and look at your lifestyle, diet and environmental exposure to determine the body’s imbalances based on a TCM diagnosis.  We then follow with an assessment and exam of the various facial areas.  Pictures may be taken during this initial visit. 

2)    During the treatment the patient will be lying down comfortably.  Probes are placed gently on the face at specific locations.  Sub-sensory electrical stimulation is run between the probes to stimulate the different muscle groups, to lengthen or shorten as needed.  The goal is to cover all the muscles of the face so we can activate ATP production, thus repairing the skin and returning it to a more youthful state.   There are several different protocol procedures that we follow and different microcurrent setting that we use to achieve the best results for each individual’s needs.  

3)    The exposure to the microcurrent is very healing to the muscles and nerves allowing the muscles to relax and return to their normal position. Since the skin is attached to the muscles we can see an improvement in the fine lines and wrinkles as well as lift in other areas. Collagen production is also stimulated with this procedure.  There is no pain or discomfort as the skin repairs and heals itself because all activity is sub-sensory.

4)    The treatment is typically followed with a cosmetic acupuncture treatment with LED light therapy (depending on time) or a TCM acupressure face and scalp massage which focuses on increasing further circulation and overall balance as well as supporting the underlying organ systems contributing to the specific area that are being addressed.   Only organic oils and pearl powder, both known for their rejuvenating properties, are used on the face. Many people are asleep by this time.   


What type of skin can see improvement with Microcurrent?

Microcurrent rejuvenating facials are suitable for all skin types.


Is Microcurrent contraindicated for any conditions?  Who shouldn’t use it? 

Microcurrent therapy should NOT be done if you are experiencing any of the following:

  • Pregnancy
  • Epilepsy/Seizure
  • Melanoma or cancer
  • On wound infection or irritation
  • Varicose veins
  • Phlebitis or Thrombosis
  • If you have pacemaker or insulin pump
  • Cold sore outbreak
  • Metal implants at the treatment site


Why do I need a series of treatments followed by maintenance treatments?

Using an analogy of exercise, if you exercise for some time and then stop, the positive effects that were achieved will not be retained and the body will lose the benefits of the exercise.  This also happens with Microcurrent Therapy - the effects are also cumulative.  When a Microcurrent session is preformed, ATP or cellular energy is produced in high amounts. This needs to be followed by another treatment or the initial benefits of the therapy will begin to diminish.  A single Microcurrent treatment can deliver results for several days of benefit after the initial session and the benefits last longer with each treatment.  Mid-way through the series muscle memory starts to take over and progress becomes more rapid and longer lasting until only a booster treatment is needed every 4 weeks to maintain the results.    


Can I come in for a treatment at other times if I have a special occasion?

Of course! We love doing treatments before special events to make sure you look your very best.  We recommend that you come the day before your event since results can improve the following day. 


Is it a new technology?

No, microcurrent has been around for over 50 years.  It was initially used for wound healing treatment of non-union fractures and bone implants during World War II. In the 1960’s it was used for the treatment of Bell’s palsy.  Today, it is currently used in many health care practices around the world for acute and chronic pain, wound healing, and facial rejuvenation treatments. Microcurrent machines are FDA approved devices.