Facial Exercises and Stretches


We exercise to keep the body fit, but we often forget to exercise our face.  Facial exercises and stretches are important steps to keeping your face looking youthful and feeling its best.  As we age, our faces experience a decrease in bone size, loss of fat and muscle tone and thinning skin. We can counter these effects with exercise, just like we do when we exercise our body.  The face is normally neglected when you exercise, but it shouldn’t be! 

Many of the facial muscles (mimic muscles) attach directly to the skin so when the muscle contracts, it causes the skin to also move.  Over time, this can cause wrinkles, deep creases, and furrows on the skin of the face.  Other areas of the face don’t get used enough and become slack and droopy.  We can counter all of this with facial exercise and stretching. 

Facial exercises and stretches can easily be incorporated into any daily routine and they only take a few minutes daily to perform. Results are usually seen after about 4 weeks, so stick with them! 

We all have different problem areas to work on, so there are exercises and stretches listed below for different areas.  Pick a few to start and then add more when you are ready and feel comfortable with the ones you are doing.  Don't try to do all of them at first, its too much and you will lose interest.  Begin with 1 to 3 to get going and stay consistent with them… you will see the changes.

All exercises and stretches should be done slowly and deliberately, really focusing on the muscle that is being worked.  If you experience any pain or discomfort discontinue the exercise right away.  Many of the exercises and stretches require touching your face so make sure your hands are clean before you start.

Enjoy!  Just like working out your body, facial exercises are addictive but take some discipline to get going.  Once you get the hang of the exercises you can do several areas at once and make it even more challenging. Scroll down to find your problem areas and then start exercising and/or stretching!


The facial muscles.