At Home Gua Sha Treatments. 


Adding a gua sha treatment to your nightly routine is really easy (only takes about 5 minutes) and has a ton of benefits.   Gua sha helps to increase circulation and improve the complexion, move stagnant lymph to reduce puffiness, and helps to smooth out facial lines and wrinkles. 

gua sha tool.jpg

You can purchase a gua sha tool at the office for $12 or you can purchase one online.  Either way, I would recommend using a jade gua sha tool as the cooling properties of jade helps to also reduce inflammation.

Before you begin, make sure your hands and face are clean.  Put a small amount of oil on your face and make sure it’s rubbed in nicely so your gua sha tool can easily glide over the skin.  You want to use a steady and firm pressure similar to what you would use if you were scratching an insect bite. During the gua sha treatment your face WILL flush and become quite pink as the circulation to the area increases, this is normal.  If you are getting really flushed or red then back off with the pressure a bit. 

There are many different gua sha techniques, but below you will find a very basic and quick treatment to get you started.  Ask me for more details when you are in the clinic and I can show you some other techniques as well.

Good luck and enjoy!

Get started here....

***Please note ***

Each step in this treatment is performed on both sides of the face and should be done 5 times on each side to start, working your way up to 10 times each.  Make sure to keep contact between the skin and the gua sha tool the entire time with a firm pressure.